Some Published Fannish Artwork
from 2006 by Brad W. Foster

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Not getting any work done, as usual...
Brad W Foster and his Mews, Sable.
(photo by Cindy Foster)
"It's an honor just to be nominated...."
   Yeah, everyone always says that, but I really mean it! It's been over a dozen years since I last won one of those nifty statues, but I'm always pleased that people remember my odd little drawings at the end of each year, and think I deserve a space on the ballot. So, thanks to everyone who nominated me this year.
   An interesting development in the last few years has been how more and more folks have been posting information on the Internet about the Hugo nominees in various categories. I've finally managed to learn how to type a bit of code myself, and here's my first attempt to add to the info flow. If there is an on-line version of the zine, you can also click on the name under the image to link to that. (Not everyone has been absorbed by the all-encompassing mass know as the "InterWeb", but it's just a matter of time... you have been warned....)
   (Oh, and you can check out my main site, where I try to separate you from your money, over at Jabberwocky Graphix. Buy soon, and buy often, so I can continue to support my fannish habit here!

Cover art for File 770 #147
File 770 #147, cover art
Cover art for Challenger #24
Challenger #24, cover art>/a>
Cover art for Feline Mewsings #25
Feline Mewsings #25, cover art

Cover art for The Knarley Knews #120
Knarley Knews #120, cover art
Cover art for Head! #7
Head! #7, cover art
Cover art for It Goes On the Shelf #28
It Goes On the Shelf #28, cover art

Cover art for Fencon 3 Convention Guide
Fencon 3 Convention Guide, cover art
Cover art for Peregrine Nations #6.3
Peregrine Nations #6.3, cover art

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