Some Published Fannish Artwork
from 2007 by Brad W. Foster

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Brad W. Foster, not drawing...
Brad W. Foster, not drawing.
(photo by Cindy Foster)
"I draw to live, and I live to draw...."
   Yep. I make all kinds of odd little drawings to try to help pay the bills, that's the "draw to live" part. But when I have the urge to make some really odd little drawings, or even big ones, then that is definitely because I "live to draw". And I've been fortunate to find a major outlet for that weirdness in the accepting folks of science fiction fandom.
   This page represents some of the artwork that was published this past year, both in print and on line, for those 'zines that specifically consider themselves in the sf fanzine category.
   If there is an on-line version of the zine, you can also click on the name under the image to link to that, and check out their entire issue. Some folks still are staying with the "old fashioned print" versions only, but seems more and more are also adding a web version, and some have gone totally that direction. It does give me a chance to do more color work, which is a lot of fun!
   (Oh, and you can check out my main site, where I try to separate you from your money, over at Jabberwocky Graphix. Buy soon, and buy often, so I can continue to support my fannish habit here!

Cover art for Vegas Fandom Weekly #100
Vegas Fandom Weekly #100, cover art
Cover art for Visions of Paradise #112
Visions of Paradise #112, cover art
Cover art for Askance #1
Askance #1, cover art

FAAn Awards 2007 Certificate Design
FAAn Awards 2007 Certificate Design
Cover art for Drink Tank #115
Drink Tank #115, cover art

Cover art for The MonkeyGiving Cookbook
The MonkeyGiving Cookbook, cover art
Cover art for Feline Mewsings #27
Feline Mewsings #27,cover art

   For those concerned about getting a complete and total revelation of the facts, here is the full list of sf zines that published some of my art in 2007, both in print and on-line, with links where I could find them. (And hey, many of these folks are always happy to have new contributors, so don't make me do all of this by myself- send some of your own writing and art to them and join the fun!)

Argentus # 6, 7
ArmadilloCon 29 Program Book
Askance # 1, 3
Banana Wings # 29, 31, 32
Bento # 19
Challenger # 27
Corflu Quire Program Book
DASFAx 7/07
Drink Tank # 114, 136, 150
Feline Mewsings # 27, 28, 30
File 770 # 149, 150
Knarley Knews # 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126
Littlebrook # 6
Living in Atlantis #2
The MonkeyGiving Cookbook one-shot
Peregrine Nations # 6.4, 7.1, 7.2
Pixel # 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
Print Zine New Series # 1
Vanamonde # 712 through 763
Vegas Fandom Weekly # 96, 97, 100, 103
Visions of Paradise # 112, 114, 117, 123

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