Some Published Fannish Artwork
from 2010 by Brad W. Foster

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The Inner Robot of Brad Foster
The Inner Robot of
Brad W Foster...
"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more ."
   I just got in the notice that I had been nominated for the Fan Artist Hugo this year. I was greatly surprised when I actually won last year, and I'm not realy expecting two in a row. But, since after several years of doing this, I've kind of established a tradition of putting up these fannish-art pages, I'll go ahead and do it again for 2010. Mainly for those who might be curious about what I actually had show up in fanzines, both print and on-line, and stumble across these secret pages on my site. (Secret in the sense that you had to have either been told how to get here, or stumbled across them in some sort of web search, as there is no direct link from my main site into these.)
   So, this page showcases some of the fannish artwork I had published in 2010, both in print and on line, for those 'zines that specifically consider themselves in the sf fanzine category. As per usual, I'm only showing the cover pieces since they are, obviously, going to be the bigger and most impressive. (And are you impressed, yet? If not, I'll have to work even harder in 2011!) There are several piec es I'm pleased with below, but I think my favorite of the year was the large piece I did for the ReConStruction Program Book, when they were kind enough to invite me to be Artist GoH. It was to be the end of a trilogy of images, proceeded by two b&w pieces for the progress reports, telling a little story of a flying saucer crash, the plans to rebuild it, and then, finally in the big color piece, the reconstruction. (Get it?) That's part of the fun of so many of these fan projects- since it's all done for fun, not commerce, can get to do odd little ideas and projects like that. Unfortunately, budgets and time got in the way and the convention could only do one progress report, though they did print both b&w pieces inside of the Program Book.
   Below the pictures is a full listing of all the zines with my artwork for 2010. Where possible, I've added a link that will take you right to the entire fanzine to check out. These days, even folks who are still known mainly for publishing in print will often put up an online version as well, so it's possible to see a lot more of these.
   (And, as I note on every page here, don't forget to check out my main site, where I do the pro-artist thingy, at Jabberwocky Graphix. Buy soon, and buy often, so I can continue to support my fannish habit here!)

eI #48
eI #48
Reluctant Famulus #73
The Reluctant Famulus #73
(Another in the "heart" series, as seen on eI#48)
eI #51
eI #51

Head #9
Head #9
(If you cut out and assembled this,
it really did make a small square robot head!)
Head #10
Head #10
Beam #2
Beam #2
(How many "beams" can you find in this?)

BCSFAZine #444
BCSFAZine #444
Reluctant Famulus #77
The Reluctant Famulus #77
BCSFAZine #444
BCSFAZine #446

ReConStruction: Progress Report #1
Progress Report #1
ReConStruction (NASFiC) Program Book
ReConStruction (NASFiC) Program Book

Banana Wings #41
Banana Wings #41
ReConStruction: Pocket Program and Newsletter
Pocket Program & Newsletter
It Goes On The Shelf #32
It Goes On The Shelf #32

   Here is the full list of sf zines that published some of my art in 2010, both in print and on-line. More and more of these, even if they have print editions, are also putting up on-line versions, so I've provided links where I can find them. (And remember, many of these editors are always happy to have new contributors, so don't make me do all of this by myself- send some of your own writing and art to them and join the fun! There's no money to be made here, but if we wanted to be rich, wouldn't we all have real jobs?)

Alexiad Vol. 9 #5, Vol. 9 #6
Ansible # 271, 273, 276, 278, 279, 281
Banana Wings # 41, 42, 43, 44
BCSFAzine # 441, 443, 444, 445, 446, 447, 448, 449, 450, 451
Beam # 2
Challenger # 32
Chunga # 17
Drink Tank # 238
e.I. # 48, 50, 51
Exhibition Hall # 9, 11, 13
Feline Mewsings # 39, 40, 42
File 770 # 158
The Fortnightly Fix # 6, 8, 9, 10
Head! # 9, 10
It Goes On The Shelf # 32
The Knarley Knews # 136, 137
On My Sleeve
ReConStruction (2010 NASFiC) Program Book; Pocket Program; "Blue Print" newsletter; Progress Report #1
Reluctant Famulus # 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78
Royal Swiss Navy Gazette # 20
Southern Fandom Confederation Update # 15
Time & Again # 11, 12
Trap Door #27
Vanamonde # 867 through 916 (new annual logo)
Visions of Paradise # 147, 149, 151, 155, 157,

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