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Today this helpless skyscraper will fall victim to the grasp of the two-headed beast known as BradandCindy, tomorrow... THE WORLD!!!!
You can trust us....really....
This page is an ever-growing and ever-changing list of links to various odd little corners of the whole World Weird Web that we found of interest, for one reason or another. Maybe no reason at all, really.
Honestly? Well, these are mainly here so I have a place to find them.
But what the hey, if you've managed to work your way this deeply into my labyrinth website, there's a damn good chance you'll appreciate much of these as well. So click away, enjoy the show, and come back often!

        First, let me note that if you are looking for links to any of the hundreds of artists who have been published through Jabberwocky Graphix, you'll want to go over to the Complete Contributors List page, where there is a full list, plus links for those who have websites of their own.

        Julian Beever   Beever is a street chalk artist that has turned it into a fine art. His main claim to amaze is drawings that can only be viewed from one direction to be legible. Usually photos posted on the web show only the "correct" view, but his site also shows them from the side, so really give you an idea of the amazing work he does.
        Peter Callesen   Think that cutting paper into shapes is something we all left behind in kindergarten? Well, maybe we did, but Peter has taken that simple idea to levels we've never dreamed of.
        John S. Gibb   I met this phenomenal British artist at an art festival in Texas a few years back. If you think some of my work is detailed, you ain't seen nothing until you check out what he is creating with a simple pencil. Amazing work!
        Liz Hickok   I think all I need to say is one selection here includes the "San Francisco in Jell-O series", and that should really be enough to have you checking it out.
        Margaux Lange   She refers to it as "unique handcrafted jewelry". Considering she is making exquisite jewelry out of pieces of Barbie dolls, I feel that "unique" is an understatement.
        Michael Paulus   He has got a lot of fine stuff on his site, but the link I have here will take you to my fave section, a series of drawings of the skeletal structures of well-known cartoon characters.
        Dan Piraro   Dan is the cartoonist behind the brilliant comic panel "Bizarro". And what is great about his blog site is it is not just a place for him to show his latest cartoons (though that would surely be reason enough to visit), but he gives all sorts of behind the scenes commentary on the making of the strips, working in thoughts about the whole creative process. And he's funny as hell in the comments, just like in the comic. I try to check this once a week, if not more often. You should, too!
        Jim Rosenau   His website, titled "This Into That, shows off the funky, functional shelves (and a few other things) he creates from old books. Yes, as a hopeless lover of print, it sounded barbaric to me, too, at first. But read his comments about why he does it, and his own feelings about books, and you'll feel better. Plus you'll want a few of these for your own library!
        Jen Stark   She does amazing colored paper sculptures by layering of multiple sheets of different colored paper, plus intense color drawings, and creates animated shorts from the paper projects. You'll never look a book of color samples the same way.
        Ben Tolman   If, on your way to this link page, you noticed any of my art on this site, then you'll know that I feel that pen and ink art RULES! (Sorry, got a little excited there.) And I've found there are other artists out there who make it look like I'm not even trying. Like this guy, for instance!
        Chris Ware   Not Ware's own site (I'm not even sure he maintains one) but an amazingly complte fan site for all the body of work created by this cartoonist designer of the Acme Novelty Library. Amazing art works, and a fascinatingly designed site.
        Carl Warner   Amazing photographs of lanndscapes built with food. (After click ENTER to get in, click the orange box, second of the four link boxes, and this will take you to the images.

        Colossal: Art & Design   If you put only one link into your favorites bar to check out the most amazing things happening around the world in art, this blog is the one to pick. Images of some of the most incredible creations from around the world. This is the kind of thing that reminds me why it is so wonderful to have lived to expereince the internet, as it has exposed me to wonders I would never in a million years have been able to see on my own. Prepare to be astonished as you click back through the hundreds of entries already collected here, and come back for new ones for years to come. (I hope!)
        Sam's Mailbox Pictures   Art is everywhere, even at your mailbox. Sometimes it even is your mailbox! Well, maybe not yours exactly, but some people make the effort, and Sam's documenting them here.
        Canstruction   They claim to be "The most unique food charity in the world", and I believe it, at least to the extent that they hold competitions to build sculptures composed entirely from full cans of food. After the exhibits end, all the canned food used in the structures is donated to local food banks. Check out the archives of amazing constructions already done, and see if there is one coming to your area in the future.
        Art Bollocks Revisited   The emporer has no clothing, and most art critics have nothing to say. Written by David Thompson, this is the best article I've ever read about the decline of the art of writing about art since Tom Wolfe's great book "The Painted Word" back in 1975.
        Happy Chair is Happy!   All my life I've seen faces on just about everything, animate and "un". I think that's why I draw so many odd characters, my mind turns just about everything into something alive. Seems I'm not the only one, and this site is devoted to photos of "things" that have obvious (or sometimes subtle) facial features. So, the next time you have that creepy feeling that you are being looked at, you probably are!
        "We Dare You To Play These Scores"   What is "Art"? That's easy, it's whatever I'm pointing at when I say it. And right now I'm pointing to this cool collection of amazingly convoluted musical scores. (You may have to give the site extra time to load, it's really graphics heavy, so be patient. Trust me, it's worth the wait...)
        "Cake Wrecks"   Cakes can be art, too. Though, as this blog, subtitled "When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong", they can be very bad art indeed! And, while in the mood for cakes that look like anything but, may I also recommend clicking on "The Meatcake!"
        "My Food Looks Funny"   Keeping with the food theme, but with a much broader brush than the cake-centric site above, "My Food Looks Funny" is not just pictures of, well, funny food, but food-related weirdness: goofy ads, store displays, art made from food, etc etc. I never really know what will be there, but it's usually interesting, and another way to spend time not getting any actual work done.
        Lego Escher   Sorry, it's just a single image and not an entire site. But I thought this Lego version of Escher's impossible stairs was both clever and well done.
        The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies   Artist/designer Lou Brooks hosts this great little site where, as he puts it, "... tools of the trade that have died or have just about died a slow slow death are cheerfully exhibited." I was surprised at how many of these odd looking supplies I could identify, and then I remembered I was an old guy, and everything was okay again.
        101 Last Suppers   An absolutely incredible collection of parody images of Da Vinci's mural "The Last Supper". You may have seen one or two of these in the past, but I can almost guarantee you will find a lot of things here for the first time.

        The Neverwas Haul Times   The home site for a giant Victorian house style self-propelled vehicle! No, really. Scroll down through all the text telling you all about it, and be prepared to be amazed at the first few photos. I want one of these!
        Brass Goggles   A blog and forum devoted to the lighter side of all things Steampunk.
        Klockwerks   Roger Wood is an assemblage sculptor who makes these amazing clocks that have to be seen to be believed. I don't know if he is even aware of the steampunk movement, but every s.p. shold have one of these clocks in their study.
        The Device Gallery   This is the website for a wonderful gallery located in San Diego. Devoted to wonderful found-art constructions, odd sculptures and machine-related art. Not purely steampunk, it is more the spirit of the idea of science-and-art coming together.

        Octodogs   Yeah, they might fool the general public, but those of us who have read the Necronomicon know this is the place to get instructions for making your own Cthulhu food fetish. And remember guys, watch out, 'cause Cthulhu wants your weiner!
        Tales of the Plush Cthulhu   Help to introduce your youngest spawn to the wonder that is Cthulhu with this on-line children's photo book, as the toys in the nursery mess around with things that should best be left... alone!
        Calls for Cthulhu   You'll go here to check out the videos of Cthulhu taking viewer calls and answering all your questions. You'll stay for the other weird stuff these folks find to throw at ya!
        The Elder Peeps   What do you do when Easter is over and you have leftover Peeps? Easy... sacrifice them to Cthulhu!
        The H.P. Lovecraft Archive   If you've no idea what any of the above is about (you poor, deluded meat sack you!), then check out this site and be enlightened to the followers of HPL, the Old Ones, and other geeky-freakyness. (You can also click right on this here word here, and see my own rendition of the master of weird fiction!)
        Show us your tentacles: A Lovecraft art meme   I hope this will stay up on the web! This is the 12/3/09 blog page of Tor Books art director Irene Gallo. She started it off by posting Lovecraft-inspired images from many of the great artists she has worked with, then left it open to any other artist to post what they might have. And did they! It turned into an amazing column of images, in styles all over the map. I even managed to sneak a few of my own in there. Incredible stuff!

        LILEKS.COM   Author James Lileks subtitles this "Unpacking the past with joy and ambivalence since 1996", and who am I to argue with that? Hours of your life will pass quite unproductively as you click through this one. A teaser? How about "The Institute of Official Cheer... Where the past is brought back to life, and promptly beaten to death again! You'll find old favorites like a renovated Gallery of Regrettable Food and Interior Desecrations." Why are you still reading this blurb? click that link!
        Cultwriter- the blog of James Hynes   Brilliant author James Hynes (The Lecturer's Tale; Kings of Infinite Space) is always worth dipping into for his observations on life, usually revolving around books, movies and television. (His thoughts on the good and bad of "The History Channel" (and why he loves both aspects of it) written July 9 of 2009, is a great example of what I mean. But, I'm starting to think Hynes is one of those writers who can be interesting no matter what he chooses to write about.
        Six Word Memoirs   Here's an interesting little project: can you tell the entire story of your life in only six words? See what other folks have done here, and add your own. Mine? That's easy: "Nothing else matters, Cindy kissed me."
        Zumbakamera   Weird, eerie, wonderful animations. Once you enter the site, click on "Films", then click any icon to the right to watch something amazing. My faves, and what I saw that brought me to the site, are the first three titled "Good Morning Isamu", "Bendito Machine", and "Pacha".
        Infinite Vision!   Start at about 10 million light years away from the Milky Way, then zoom in through a series of pictures to the surface of the earth... but don't stop there, now go subatomic and keep on going down and down, until you can check out a quark. You may not understand the journey, but what a trip!
        The Surrealist Compliment Generator   You know how it is. Sometimes you just can't quite come up with that absolutely perfect surrealist compliment when you need it. Click here, and keep refreshing for an endless variety of sweet nothings for the melting clock lovers in your life.
        Random Deepak Chopra Quote Generator   In the same vein as the Surrealist Compliment Generator above, the R.D.C.Q.G. is... well, let me just quote from the site: "It has been said by some that the thoughts and tweets of Deepak Chopra are indistinguishable from a set of profound sounding words put together in a random order, particularly the tweets tagged with "#cosmisconciousness". This site aims to test that claim! Each "quote" is generated from a list of words that can be found in Deepak Chopra's Twitter stream randomly stuck together in a sentence. "
        Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010   Great example of how a truly well-done graphic chart can give you information. This one tracks the progression of all the colors offered by Crayloa Crayons through the years: adding new ones, taking out old ones. It's beautiful in it's own way to look at, but when you think about what it shows, it's brilliant!
        My Cat Hates You   There are way too many books and calendars full of pictures of cute kitties with cute expressions. Those of us who are owned by one or more of the furry felines have seen a lot scarier expressions. Find them here, with tons of photos of ticked off looking (and otherwise) cats, and evil "want to kill you" captions. Actually quite funny.
        I Can Has Cheezeburger?   As a follow up to the site above, more pics of cats with odd captions. Except that, this time, rather than out for your blood, they are captured in odd postions (Monorial Cat; Bridge Cat),or dealing with some sort of invisible item (Roller Coster, Sandwich). Oh, and trying to get cheezeburgers. With flavor. Look, it's another goofy site good for a few grins, so just click it, okay?
        I Has A Hotdog   And to give equal time for the doggie crowd, this site does for dogs what "Cheezeburger"does for cats. Not as heavily updated, but then we all know the crazy cat folks are called that for a reason. (Being a crazy cat person, I am allowed to say that.)
        An Engineer's Guide to Cats   A short, hilarious video of two professional engineers illustrating the proper care and practical benefits of cats. My particular favorite, of many moments in the seven minute short, is the demonstration of cat discipline through the use of "Corporal Cuddling".
        Nora the Piano Play Cat: Part 1
        Nora the Piano Play Cat: Part 2
        Nora the Piano Play Cat: Part 3   Oooo, big surprise, here's another cat link. But this is Nora, the world famous piano playing cat! It's not a trick, it's just something this cat started doing on her own, sitting at the piano and striking the keys. A dozen total minutes of fun stuff in these three videos!
        Murphy's law application for antigravitatory cats   I would like to think the above items show that I do, indeed, actually like kitty cats, so don't give me any grief that I also found this entry from the Uncyclopedia fun. Even if you don't want to read it all, you have to click this link just for the top graphic, featuring an animated gif of "cat stuck in a Anti-Gravity vortex". (No cats were harmed in the making of this webpage!)
        Monty Python's Flying Circus: The Sketches   If you're going to regale your friends and frighten strangers by suddenly quoting long sections of dialouge from Monty Python sketches, you better make sure you get it right!
        Monty Python Video Wall   But if getting just the script isn't enough, check out this amazing site! There are 98 stills from various Python sketches, each of which links to an online video of the full skit. Wow!
        Patton Oswalt Black Angus Skit   Patton is one of my fave standup comedians, brilliant while being hilarious, a tough combo to find. This is one of my favorite of his "take-it-to-the-max" bits, a parody of over the top ads for a steakhouse that becomes angrier and angrier and crazier and crazier.
        Suicide Food   I've always been bothered by the image of the happy cartoon pig on the BBQ sign, and so evidently has this guy. In fact, his whole blog is devoted to documenting advertising for food, restaurants, etc., where the food is anthropomorphisized (is that a word?) and, as the site notes: "...actively participates in or celebrates its own demise." Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to chow down on a hamburger, I just don't think selling it to me by having a dancing cow is really the way to go.
        Where the hell is Matt dancing?   First, watch his short video from 2008. Then look through the "About Matt" and "FAQ" sections of the site. It's all too wonderfully different, and is just the kind of stuff that makes the web worth surfing!
        Chuck Lorre Productions: The Official Vanity Card Archives  Some of the most interesting vanity cards on television (those little half-a-second flashes of a producers logo at the end of a program) are from Chuck Lorre. They are always different, and usually take a few minutes to read. Either try to freeze-frame them on your television before they are gone, or go to this site and read them all at your leisure.
        "Longmire Does Romance Novels"   My favorite page of an interesting site from graphic designer Mark Longmire, this page is where he "reimagines" some Romance book covers into hilarious parodies. Okay, well I thought they were fun.
        "The Eye of Aragon"   That previous link might be to a parody site, but this is the real thing: "The Eye of Aragon" is a wonderful example of so-bad-it's-good fantasy fiction. Thanks to David Langford for preserving this bit of wonderment for all to enjoy.
        !@#$!@@@@@@@ MY ISYS PROJECT @@@@@@!%#@!@   Okay, let's hang with the idea of stuff that is so bad it's good a bit longer, and click here to enjoy the ultimate in bringing together of everything that makes a website bad. If only a few of these elements were on a site, you might be bothered by it. When you load them all onto one page, it's tough to look away. So, gaze upon the majesty that is TheMostAmazingWebsiteOnTheInternet.com
        Spam University and
        Nigerian Email Conference   You didn't think all people who clog your inbox with spam just came up with the idea on their own, did you? Or that all those Nigerian millions were totally unorganized? Nope, there is a right and wrong way to try to rip off stupid people, and these sites will help YOU get in on it, too!
        "Dance, Monkeys, Dance"   A raw slam poetry video with great graphics and a deeply cynical message about all mankind that I love. Has some "@#$%& words", but if you're bothered by that, the deeper message here will really mess with your little head! Perfect example of how twistedly cynical I can be, even while I enjoy drawing little kitty-cat pictures and hoping the whole world will find peace and happiness. I'm a complicated guy!

(This section could go on forever, so I'll try to keep the list tight.)

        "Shiva's R&R Dub", short version   This is one of the Beck's TV ads where I first heard this 30 second cut of the wonderful "Shiva's R&R Dub" by Arling & Cameron, from their lp "Music for Imaginary Films" . I could put the whole song on an endless loop all day and be happy!
        "Snow"   A wonderful, soulful, gorgeous jazz song by Patricia Barber. Probably the best song about love I've ever heard. It gives me chills of pleasure whenever I listen to it, and the soft, beautiful piano almost brings tears to my eyes. Warning though, this is a poor recording from a live performance, but is the best I could find on the net right now.
        "Jeremy"   The Pearl Jam song that made me realize music was getting interesting again in the '90s, and led to my discovery of a lot of great "grunge" music. But this will always be the first and the best. It's just... intense...
        "Virtual Insanity"   Then there's this video. First, I love the song, which makes it easy to watch again and again. And you'll want to do that to try to figure out how they made it work! Singer Jay Kay dances so smoothly through this, every time you think you've figured it out, you get thrown by a new motion of the set. For you vintage age folks out there, think the first time you saw Fred Astaire dancing around the room in "Royal Wedding".(Unfortunately, this clip lacks the music. The cool dancing doesn't start until about two minutes in.)
        End theme to the movie "Buckaroo Bonzai"   A good example of why you need to stick around at the end of a movie when the credits start to roll. The cast of characters goes striding along happily through a huge culvert while this toe-tapping, finger snapping, everything else twitching tune plays. Keep this one in your head the next time you go for a walk, and watch your pace quicken!

        The Church of the SubGenius   Okay, if you absolutely have to have some sort of religion to follow, how about picking one with some really cool graphics and all the Slack you could ever need? Sure to confuse your friends, neighbors, and family, and isn't that what we all really want? (Be sure to set aside the rest of your natural life to read everything they have here for you!)
        Frequenty Asked Questions about Atheists   An atheist is someone who doesn't believe a god exists. That's all. Beyond that, there is nothing else to the word. But it seems for many people there are a lot of questions, usually because they assume the word means so much more, and quite often in a negative way. This FAQ page from the Atheist Community of Austin does a pretty good job of covering most of those questions with well thought out answers. Enjoy!
        Why do people believe in God?   As for myself, I've come to wonder why people do believe in a god- and there are a lot of different gods out there that people whole-heartedly express belief in! Among my researching, I found this site that had put together a nice list of 18 reasons that the author felt explained many of the reasons people choose to believe. An interesting read, and I think it explains a lot.
        "This I Believe" by Penn Jillette   Penn's contribution to the NPR series "This I Believe" deals with his thoughts on being an atheist. Uplifting and life affirming, believe it or not, believers!
        "The Friendly Atheist" blog by Richard Wade. These are his 7 points of what makes a "friendly atheist": Believes everyone should do what makes them happy, provided they are not stopping anyone else from doing the same. "Does not think someone is inferior for believing in God, but can engage in polite conversation about that decision. Shows kindness, volunteers, and helps others. Does not go around denigrating religious people unnecessarily, because he/she knows that to get respect, one must give it. Can talk to a religious person without invoking an argument. Questions his/her own beliefs as much as others’ beliefs. Invites positive dialogue from religious people." Works for me.
        "The Sanity Project" blog by Josh James    A funny and thoughtful blog about those wacky religious folks!. His slogan pretty much says it all: "We eat faith and crap reason." Funny stuff, of the "If-I-don't-laugh-I'll-just-cry" school of thought.
        Sam Harris Debate Segment    A five minute Sam Harris video that begins with: "First let's start with the claim that any one of our religions is true. There are at least two problems with taking this path. The first is, they can't all be true..."
        Religious Intolerance    I try to be reasonable and "live and let live", and in general that has worked out well for me in my life. But sometimes, sometimes... I just get tired of so much of the nonsense. And at those times, when people ask me why I have a problem with religion, I find sending them to this image helps. They may not get the point, but it's kind of a last-ditch effort on my part. WARNING: if you are easily offended by hearing about the horrors in the world, do not click this.

        Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster   If you're new to the FSM, I suggest clicking on the "About" button, then following that through to the FAQ page, and all your answers will be questioned... er, or something like that. If that doesn't fill you in, go to:
        Uncyclopedia- FSM page    This may be even more information than you might feel would ever want to know about the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But trust me, knowlege is power... or at the very least, laughter. (There is also a link at the top of the page to a more straight-forward Wikipedia entry, for those who like their facts shorn of fun.)
        FSM in Crossville, TN    Here's a saga of free speech, public display of religion, and a statue of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. A lesson for us all? Or for just a few? See one small town touched, even briefly, by his his noodly appendages.
        The Flying Spagetti Monster vs the Invisible Pink Unicorn    Hilarious rock video of the saga of FSM vs the IPU. This is the song Spinal Tap would have done if they had thought of it first, and couldn't play their instruments quite as well as they do. And remember: "Those who deny the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster shall be perished away in the sea of infinitely hot tomato sauce."
        ... in coffee foam ...
        ... in the sky over Germany ...
        ... a gathering site for photos ...   Various sites with photographic proof of FSM, submitted by Pastafarians from around the world. He's everywhere, he's everywhere! Not just his image in a cup of coffee, or the contrail of an airplane, but even video of his walking (well, flaoting) among us!

        The Free Hugs Campaign   A short video about Juan Mann, whose sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives. As it spread across the city, officials ordered the Free Hugs campaign BANNED. If you don't get a little weepy by the end of this inspiring short video, then you should turn in your membership card in the human race.

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