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So, you'd like to use PayPal to make your payment? Please read this first.
    Due to the wide variety of items, shipping costs, one-of-a-kind and "almost sold out!" items on this site, I found that giving folks the "Buy It Now" option really won't work at this time. You could end up paying for something that had already been bought only seconds ago, before I even received that order and was able to remove it from the site. Using the standard shopping cart, PayPal would still accept your order and charge you for the amount.
    There is probably some amazing shopping cart software available to take care of that problem, but unlike Ebay and Amazon, I don't have a lot of investment capital to get that kind of set up at this time. Instead, I've come up with this system of checks and balance to make sure that everyone gets what they want the smoothest way possible:

Step One:
    Figure out what you would like to order (obviously!) and using the main order form chart as a guide, calculate the shipping costs, and any other costs that would be applied, to come up with your total cost.
Step Two:
    Go to the contact form and fill in all the info. I particularly need the address you want this shipped to, so I can double check shipping costs. In the message area, list the items you are ordering, plus the total cost you have calculated it would run. AND put a little note there that you are checking on the price before you fill in the order through PayPal. Thanks!
Step Three:
     I will check that the items you want are indeed in stock, and double-check your math on the amount, and send you a reply confirming the order is ready.
Step Four:
    Return to this page and click on the big ol' PayPal button below, which will take you to the PayPal site. The Jabberwocky Graphix form there has only one blank box to fill in, and you need only type in the final total there (cost of item, tax, shipping, etc all in one) we've given you and complete your PayPal transaction as usual. Once PayPal processes your order and sends us notice, we'll get your items together and shipped off to you.

The Bottom Line:
    Yes, this will take a little time to complete, but it is the only way I know of right now to make sure no one is accidentally cheated out of any funds because of crossing orders. And remember, as stated several places on this site, you are always dealing with the guy in charge when you write, so you know your order will be handled from the top. That could also mean it might be a day or three sometime to get a response, since I also have to get some drawing done, and attend art festivals. But I also figure most of my clients here appreciate the hands-on approach of a truly artist-attended site. (Or maybe I'm just fooling myself?)

And remember, you always have three options when ordering from this site:

1- Old-Fashioned Paper (Good for check, money order, Master Card or Visa.)
Print out our super-long, multi-page checklist order form, or the single page, fill-in-the-blank order form. Complete the information required, and mail with payment to us.

2- On-Line Secure Ordering (Good for Master Card or Visa.)
We have secure ordering available here for those who wish to order directly from us using credit cards.

3- PayPal (That's this page!) (Good for various credit cards, or "PayPal money".)
Since we are not in control of how you are charged with this option, this will take a little longer to run through the confirmation process, but it does give those who feel more comfortable using PayPal for online shopping their favorite payment option.

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Artworks by Foster | Comics & Zines | Contact Info and Mail List | Printable Order Forms

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