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Here I am wondering why my tent is so darned empty of customers!

    Every once in a while I do manage to get out of the studio, and bring along a few samples of my art and 'zines to art festivals and conventions around the country. Below is a list of the upcoming events I'm confirmed to appear at, with links to their sites for more information, where available. As well, if you're interested in a more historical perspective, you can click here for information on past shows, with photos and other nifty stuff.
    If you would like to receive an email notice when I will be at an event in your own neck of the woods, just go to the Contact Info and Mail List page. Note in the comment field you'd like to get an email notice of such events, and make sure to at the very least give me your name, email address , state and zip code. We'll use the state and zip code to help us know when we will be nearby, and send you an update note when we know we'll be there. You can then either come and visit in person, or will at least be warned to avoid that area should you wish!

Armadillocon 41
August 2 - 4, 2019
Armadillocon 41
Austin, TX     —    www.armadillocon.org
Science Fiction Convention
    We will be returning to wonderful Austin again for the 41st ArmadilloCon, starting that last leg of the run to the half century mark! We'll be packing up a good selection of artworks to bring, both new and old, plus a pile of books from our collection to sell at unbelievable low prices! Multiple plumbing and surgey bills still left to pay from 2016 mean you get great bargains! Always lots of fine writers and artists to get up close and personal with, panels, music, costume contest, and room parties every night. Come on and have a great time!

Gallery Night at BRIT
6, 7 / 2019
Gallery Night at BRIT
Ft. Worth, TX     —    brit.org/art-brit/gallery-night/gallery-night-brit
Art Showing and Sale
    A brand new event in Ft. Worth, being held at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT), on the grounds of the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens. The Artisan's Market is where I will be set up with other artists, plus you can check out their exhibit "Botanical Art - 6 Ways" featuring the work of six regional botanical artists working in a variety of mediums in the Madeline R. Samples Exhibit Hall, and "The Fifth Kingdom" by Denis Benjamin in the Welcome Center Gallery. Lots of other stuff going on as well, come check it out for a different view of art and nature. Oh, and please note that this is a two day show, but it runs on Friday/Saturday, not Saturday/Sunday. More details on their website, I'll see you there.

Spooky Spectacle
14, 15 / 2019
Spooky Spectacle
Ft. Worth, TX     —    wwww.spookyspectacle.com
Horror, Comic and SF Convention
   They used to be "just" a paranormal gathering, now they are expanding their weirdness to include even more crazy! Lots of artists are listed, both comic and sf, plus copsplay, fantasy and horror writers, and they even promise us some ghost hunters! (Always the hunters, never any catchers...) I'll be there, and, as I tap into my third eye, I see that you will be there, too! Come get a jump start on your Halloween with this new event in Ft. Worth.

FenCon XVI
20 - 22 / 2019
FenCon XVI
Dallas, TX     —    www.fencon.org/
Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
   FenCon is back, (though in a new hotel, just over the highway from the previous one!) Will have the usual artworks old and new, a selection of interesting books, and maybe even a couple more toy robots for your consideration. As usual, if that is not enough (and it should be!), they will again be bringing in a slate of writers, artists, musicians, and all kinds of creative folks as guests. Lots to do, lots to see-- and, at least at my dealer's table, lots to purchase and take home, to treasure forever!

Pancakes & Booze Art Show logo
September 28 / 2019
Pancakes & Booze Art Show
Dallas, TX     —    www.pancakesandbooze.com/dallas
One Day Art Event
   Ready for another evening of music booze, pancakes, and a mix of some of the funkiest and most interesting local Dallas artists? Then come out to the Deep Ellum Art Company for all the art weirdness. There will be close to a hundred artists showing some strange and wonderful work to view and take home. There's the bar, the music, and, of course, the FREE PANCAKES! How can you pass it by? We're moving back to the Deep Ellum Art Co, with both indoor and outdoor exchibit space, and the doors of The DEA Co. will open to the public that evening at 8:00 PM, and it will run to late-night 2:00 AM. Crawling the club-scene in Deep Ellum? Drop on in. This is a 21+ event, with tickets going for $7 in advance, or $10 at the door. (and free pancakes!)

South Street Art Festival
11 - 13 / 2019
South Street Art Festival
Arlington, TX     —    www.southstreetartfest.com
Juried Arts Festival
   Seven years and still going stsrong, I'll be heading back to Arlington for the Sourth Street Art Festival- won't you join me? There was lots of construction in the area last year making for a somewhat "maze-like" layout, but that should all be cleared up now. Tons of free parking all around the site, free admission to the event, a variety of arts to ooh and ahh over, plus music, food, wine tasting: how can you go wrong for a Fall weekend out?

Arts Goggle
October 19 / 2019
Ft. Worth, TX     —    www.nearsouthsidefw.org/events/artsgoggle-saturday-october-19-2019 -or- www.facebook.com/ArtsGoggle/
Juried Arts Festival
    I had an amazing time as this one-day show last year, fantastic mix of artists and wonderful crowds of people out to see it all. I think they now have over a thousand artists involved over a dozen or more streets, all for your free strolling and viewing pleasure! It was an amazing mix of art styles, types, approaches and viewpoints, always with something new to discover, so I'm very pleased to be able to join in myself again this year. Come check this huge event out!

Hearts & Hands Bazaar
25, 26 / 2019
Hearts & Hands Bazaar
Dallas, TX     —     http://www.allsaintsdallas.org/ministries/ministries-alpha/all-saints-womens-organization/hearts-and-hands-bazaar
Church Holiday Bazaar
   It has been a couple of years since I was last at the Hearts & Hands Bazaar at the All Saints Catholic Church in Dallas, and looking forward to returning. They've been holding this even for almost 40 years now, so they must be doing something right! Oh, and an important note: those dates are for all-day on both Friday and Saturday, but not on Sunday. So come get some stuff on Friday before the crowds, then bring some friends back again on Saturday and get some more!

Walnut Hill Art Festival
November 2 / 2019
Walnut Hill Art Festival
Dallas, TX     —     http://www.whumc.com/walnut-hill-art-festival.html
One-Day Arts Festival
   This will be the fifth year for this small, one-day art event, the little art festival that will get up that hill!. It's here in my own neighborhood in Dallas, so how could I say no? They are still keeping things tight, doing just the single Saturday show, with a nice mix of artists to browse works from before Christmas. Drop on by, and help me to help them build this up into a big festival over the next few years-- then we can both brag that "we were there from the start"!

Funky Finds: A Holiday Shopping Experience
23,24 / 2019
Funky Finds A Holiday Shopping Experience
Ft. Worth, TX     —    funkyfinds.com/holiday.html
A Handmade Arts and Crafts Event
    I like their slogan: "Dedicated to promoting indie artists, crafters & designers worldwide". Very different from the usual "big-painting" street festivals, I like the mix of stuff that all the exhibitors bring to this, and am pleased to be a small part of it with my own artwork. Setting up around 200 crafters and artists in two of the long Small Exhibits Building on the grounds of the Will Rogers Memorial Center. Best to check out their website for more details as they add links to the artists, and fill you in more of the free giveaways and such that will also be offered. Come on by and you are sure to find a unique Christmas gift for someone that you will know they do not already have!

Houston Cat Show 2018
11, 12 / 2020
Houston Cat Club 65th Annual Charity Cat Show
Houston, TX     —    www.houstoncatclub.org
Cat Show
    I won't have a new poster design for the show this year, but I will be back with my full display of arts and such to browse, and be checking out all the gorgeous cats myself when not in the booth. One of the few times we get back to the Houston area these days, so come on by and see what's new. (Also, note the event is now one week later in January than it usually runs.)

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